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Midget Racing 

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Welcome to the New Smyrna Quarter Midget Racing Association!

New Member Resources

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Welcome to the World of Quarter Midget Racing!

This page is intended to relay a very basic overview of what Quarter Midget racing is and how to take the first steps towards joining the NSQMRA family.  If you have any questions or if you are interested in learning even more about our sport, please reach out to us at and we will get you any information that you may need!  See you at the track!

What is a Quarter Midget?

A Quarter Midget is a scale race car  designed for kids from 5-16 years of age.  Essentially, you take a Midget, shrink the frame and chassis components down and you get a Quarter Midget!  Unlike go-karts, Quarter Midgets have a full suspension and are set-up/balanced in the same fashion as a full-sized Midget.  The engine on a Quarter Midget is located in the back of the chassis, with most classes using engines by either Honda or Briggs & Stratton.  Like their larger relatives, Quarter Midgets are direct drive and require a push-start.  However, instead of using a truck like their full-sized counterparts, the pushing is done by a drivers "handler" (aka mom or dad).  Once the driver flips the ignition switch, the car comes to life and your little driver is in control.

Where do Quarter Midgets Race?

Tracks for Quarter Midgets are 1/20th of a mile ovals, constructed of asphalt, concrete or dirt.  Like the cars, the size of the track is also shrunk down to 1/4 scale.  By ensuring the scale of the track matches the scale of the cars, drivers have to make decisions behind the wheel as though they are going FOUR TIMES faster than they actually are.  This is what makes the transition from Quarter Midgets to larger cars on larger tracks seamless for most drivers.  The NSQMRA's track is tucked inside turns one and two of the historic New Smyrna Speedway,  Other QMA tracks are scattered coast to coast throughout the United States and even into Canada and our members routinely travel out of state to attend national events throughout the country.  For a comprehensive list of tracks sanctioned by the Quarter Midgets of America, please click here.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started?

Used cars can be purchased for anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500, depending on how old the chassis is, what type of motor it has and what spare parts come with it.  Aside from the car, a tow vehicle and trailer are nice to have, but not required, as the cars will fit in the bed of a pick-up truck, which is how most people get started.  Please visit the classified page on this website for cars that are currently on the market, or come on down to the track on a Friday Night when we are racing and any of our members can point you in the right direction!

Is it Safe?

All drivers are required to wear fire suits, fire retardant gloves, helmets, arm restraints and approved neck support devices.  All equipment must meet minimum certification requirements outlined in the rule book published by the Quarter Midgets of America.  Drivers are also restrained by SFI 16.2 approved five-point safety harnesses while contained within a welded chrome-moly steel roll cage.  The track is surrounded by a wall constructed of plywood and tires which is designed to absorb energy when hit, and our facility requires that certified EMT's are present whenever cars are on the track.  With all of the precautions that are taken to ensure the safety of our drivers, we experience fewer injuries than organized baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and football.

Family, Fun & Life Lessons

As with all youth sports and activities, having fun is the primary goal.  However, the secondary benefits of joining our family are really what separates Quarter Midget racing from other activities.  In most other sports, your child's time is spent with their coach and their team, leaving you with nothing to do but cheer them on from the sidelines.  In Quarter Midget racing, you and your child are the team -- and not only on race day.  There will be evenings spent in the garage preparing the car or watching video from the previous race to see where advantages can be gained on the track as you learn together how to be competitive.  As with all racing, there will be winners and losers.  Days will be spent on top of the mountain and others will be spent tumbling down.  Experiencing the exhilaration of victory and the bitter taste of defeat builds character.  And as in life, being a good winner is just as important as being a gracious loser.  You will watch as your little driver starts off barely being able to make his or her way around the track, to competing in the highest levels of the club.  As he or she rises through the ranks, you will start to notice changes taking place.  They will start to walk with their head a little higher as they develop confidence in their abilities.  They will learn how to be self-reliant, because once they are on the track, it's all up to them.  All of the life lessons learned during these times are what become the intangibles that make the difference later on.  Whether a driver continues with racing after Quarter Midgets, or this time represents the only time they will spend in a race car, the lessons learned will carry with them throughout their entire life.  

What is the next step?

  • Come to a race, talk with the families and watch the kids have fun while they put on a show for you.
  • Attend an Arrive & Drive event.  Our club hosts one event in the spring and one in the fall where kids from 5-16 can see what it is like before making the commitment to purchase a car
  • Reach out to any of our board members (see our contact information) and we will answer any questions  you may have!

See You at the Track!