New Smyrna Quarter 
Midget Racing 

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Membership Info and FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to enter the sport?

QMA racing is for children between the ages of 4-1/2 and 17 years of age.

 Is the sport safe?

QMA racing is safer than most other sports that children participate in.  Every car is equipped with a (5) point safety harness complete with arm restraints to keep the child and his hands securely inside the car at all times.  The driver is required to wear a fire suit, helmet and fire gloves.

How do I get my child involved in the sport?

NSQRMA is the only active, racing club in the state of Florida.  You must first join the club.  The yearly family membership is $200.00.  This membership fee is for as many drivers as you have plus one handler.  (Usually Mom or Dad that goes onto the track to assist the child).  If there is an alternate handler, the fee is an additional $100.00 per year fee.

What else do I need?

You will need to purchase a car, a fire suit, a helmet, gloves, wrist restraints and a race receiver.  A used car can be purchased starting at around $1,500.00.  We have two local vendors that can help you with finding a car and can also assist with the other items.  Their contact info can be found on the website.  You can also find used items on the classified page of our website.

How does my child learn to drive and the rules of racing?

Each new child starts out in the Novice program.  The kid’s age 4-1/2 to 8 will start in the Jr. Novice program and those 9 and over will start in the Sr. Novice program.  The Novice program is an instructional on the track program that is taught by the club Novice instructor.  Kids learn the flags used in the sport and how to drive the cars safely on the track.  Once the Novice trainer is comfortable that the child is ready to go on the track with others drivers, he will release the driver to race in the Novice class of racing.  Novice training and practice is usually held on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  The cost of the Novice training is included in your dues.  There is a $10.00 fee per driver per Novice session to cover the cost of the EMTs.

When are the races held?

The races are held on Friday nights with a few held on Saturday or Sunday morning.  The cost to race is $20.00 per car plus a $5.00 transponder fee.  The season starts around the middle of March and runs through the middle of June.  We usually take the summer off and start back in early August.  The season is wrapped up in mid November.  Races are generally held every other weekend.

Do I need to be a mechanic in order to work on the car?

The motors on the car are stock engines.  There is very little that can be done on the engines in the way of modifications.  The set-up of the car suspension and changing of gears (sprockets) is what is mostly changed on the cars.  The idea is for you to learn about how to set-up the car as your child learns to drive in the sport.  The club is like a big family.  Everyone helps each other learn about the cars and how to tweak the set-up.

What other costs should I anticipate?

Once your child reaches the more competitive classes, you will need to purchase right side tires every two to three races.  A set of two tires will cost you about $90.00.


For more information about becoming a member please contact Amanda Lutz