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Coming Up
Arrive And Drive
October 12th 8-4                      

Board Meeting

Next Race 


September 5th        Points #10
September 19th      Points #11

Open Practice

Friday September 12th 7-10

NOTE: There is a $10 per family EMT charge.

RSVP below if you plan to attend.  If not enough people RSVP, practice will be cancelled and only those who have RSVPed will be informed.  Only novice drivers who have been cleared to race may attend the open practices. 

Next Novice Training

Sunday, September 14th 9-1
Sunday, September 21st 9-1

NOTE: There is a $10 per child EMT charge

Please RSVP Below For Open Practice

There is a minimum amount of people required for each open practice.  If you would like to attend a practice you must rsvp below.  Please include your name, your phone number, and that date you plan on attending.  If practice is cancelled due to lack of rsvps we will contact you via phone or email.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Racing Location

3939 State Road 44, Samsula, FL 32168

3939 State Road 44, Samsula, FL 32168


Contact Sheri Potter (407) 467-8420

Scott Gertsch 


(386) 345-4800

Club News

Board Elections

All board nominations must be summited by September 5th. If we need a ballot or handout those will be given out on September 19th and turned in on October 15th. The board will be announced at the November meeting.

Port Orange Family Days

Port Orange Family Days is one of our signature promotional events. Family Days is Saturday, October 4; and Sunday, October 5. We get a booth to display the quarter midgets and pull the cars in Saturday’s parade. If you would like to attend go to the Port Orange City Center or the Home Depot on Dunlawton Ave. The parade begins at the Home Depot and ends at the Amphitheater. The parade begins around 9:00 am. If you are interested in participating contact Amanda Lutz.

Arrive and Drive

Arrive and Drive is a promotional event that introduces kids to quarter midget racing. Everyone must work one Arrive and Drive or be penalized, as work detail policies state. Arrive and Drive is October 12, plan to be there at 7:30 am.

October 31tst Points Race

Families are asked to bring candy to handout to the passing drivers and are asked to decorate their trailers. Drivers can use their helmets or to collect the candy.

2014 Grands Results

  • Mari Lutz- 11th E-Main Sr. Honda
  • Justin Kunstbeck- 4th A-Main Sr. Novice
  • Josh Kunstbeck- 7th D-Main Sr. Animal, 7th B-Main Sr. Honda, 7th B-Main Lt. World Formula, 8th A-Main Lt. 160
  • Brody Gunter- 6th A-Main Jr. Novice
  • Kasey Smith- 7th C-Main Jr. Animal, 5th C-Main Jr. Honda
  • Daniel Dye- 9th C-Main Sr. Honda, 5th A-Main Lt. 160
  • Dalton Tyrcha- 10th C-Main Hvy. 160, 2nd A-Main Hvy. Honda
  • Nicolas Hodgins- 9th C-Main Hvy. World Formula, 9th A-Main Hvy. Honda, 7th A-Main Hvy. 160
  • Famous Rhodes II- 10th B-Main Sr. Animal, 9th B-Main Light World Formula, 3rd A-Main Mod, 8th A-Main Sr. Honda
  • Nicolas Hodgins set track record in Hvy. Honda- 5.906
  • Josh Kunstbeck set track record in Lt. 160- 5.496

CAC Charity Race

The NSQMRA is hosting its annual fundraiser for  CAC of Volusia County.  Each year we have this event to help support the victims and families of abused children in Volusia County.  The organizer and coordinator of this event is NSQMRA alumni mom, Melody Stokes.  Below are a few notes from her along with an attached flier for the event.  Please consider helping out with this very worthy cause.  The CAC event for this year will be on May 30th.   For additional information, please contact Melody at
From Melody...........
Yes - It has been 5 whole years we have been successfully doing this event that helps so many kids!! THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR LOYAL SPONSORS!! WE could not do this with out you!!
 If you always wanted to support now is the time!!

The New Smyrna Quarter Midget Association
 is hosting this event to help the abuse victims in Volusia and Flagler Counties!
The drivers from ages 5 to 17 yrs. old will race on one of their competitive points races for the kids that need it the most!!
$500.00 will get your logo on the signature t-shirt and the billboard at New Smyrna Speedway - $300.00 will get your logo on the t-shirt!!
We will have our "Red Bucket Raffles" will lots of cool items for Kids and Adults!!
The best place to be on a Friday night !! No cost to get in to see the races - come bring your whole family!!

States Race 

Cost to race - $40 per car cash or $42 per car with credit card


Race Day Times

Gates Open - 8am

Safety begins at 8:30am  (have to go through safety before you can register and practice)

Registration 8:45am-9:30am  (have to have safety paper to register)

Practice 9am-9:45am

Drivers Meeting 10:00am

Qualifying starts at 10:30am

Arrive and Drive

New Smyrna Quarter Midget Association

Proudly Announces


March 15, 9:00 AM

This event is held to introduce the sport of quarter midget racing to families in the Central Florida area. Come and let your kid experience the thrill of driving a quarter midget race car. Kids who are interested must be between 5-16 years of age. Cars and safety equipment will be provided. Participants must wear jeans, socks and tennis shoes. Club members will be on hand to instruct the drivers before they are allowed on the track.

Only one driver will be allowed on the track at a time. Parent or Legal Guardian must be present and sign a waiver for participation.

Location: NW Intersection of SR415 and HWY 44 in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Date: March 15th

Time: 9:00 AM

Cost: $20 for (10) Laps

Please send an email to to reserve your spot. For additional information about the event or the sport in general, visit our website at

Annual Membership Meeting

The meeting will be held at Gemini Springs in Debary on 1/25.  Lunch will start a noon.  Hot dogs will be provided, and we ask that every family brings a side to share.  Please provide your own drinks.  There is a large field, playground, and fishing area for the kids to play.  Some of the topics that will be discussed are:



-Race Procedures

-Work Detail

-Regional Board

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

37 Dirkson Road, DeBary, FL. 32713

2013 Daytona Dodge Little 500

The 11th annual Lil New Smyrna 500 has come to a close. There were a total of 66 cars in 9 divisions. Drivers represented were from Ohio, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. On Thursday, December 26th the trailers rolled in and cars began practice. The weather was beautiful on Thursday, sunny and in the 80’s. However, Friday December 27th, for the first day of racing it was overcast. It stayed overcast the whole day and the show went on. Qualifying was first up. The fast qualifiers were: Junior Novice – Taylor Watson 8.261, Senior Novice – Dylan Mitchell 7.195, Junior Honda – Hunter Young 7.150, Senior Honda – Nicolas Hodgins 6.688, Heavy Honda – Dalton Tyrcha 6.798, Light 160 – Stetson Lail 6.451, Junior Animal – Delana Hodge 6.781, Light World Formula – Dawson Fletcher 6.214, Heavy World Formula – James Hartley 6.380. Heat races were ran next with the mains being set by points earned from both qualifying and finishing order in the heats.

Day 1 results were:

Senior Honda B-Main: Conner Dutting-Morrell, Brendan Wilson, Jacob Williamson, Braden Ray, J.J. McCague, Madalynn Minnear, Jarrett Wagman, Ethan Williamson.

Junior Honda B-Main: Aiden Young, Dylan, Hull, Turner Wiand, Harrison Chandler, Chelsea Gottschalk

Light GX 160 B-Main: Hunter Young, Canon Cochran, Ty Nevins, Madalynn, Minnear, Brendan Wilson, Dalton Tyrcha.

Junior Honda A-Main: Colsen Cochran, Reid Taylor, Aiden Young, Dylan Hull, Hunter Young, Griffen Hjortsberg, Delana Hodge, Jason Agee.

Junior Novice A-Main: Taylor Watson, James Schimansky, Jack Harmon, Landon Howard, Cameron Gross, Samantha Bart

Senior Novice A-Main: Dylan Mitchell, Mari Lutz, Garrett Seyler, Savannah Bart, Sheldon Minnear

Senior Honda A-Main: Nicolas Hodgins, Canon Cochran, Dawson Fletcher, Daniel Dye, Joshua Kunstbeck, Conner Dutting-Morrell, Jacob Williamson, Michael Gannon, Braden Ray

Heavy Honda A-Main: Austin Culver, Dalton Tyrcha, Carden Cochran, Kevin Samsoe, Matthew Anderson

Light GX 160 A-Main: Dawson Fletcher, Nicolas Hodgins, Danny Sams III, Canon Cochran, Stetson Lail, Conner Dutting-Morrell, Joshua Kunstbeck, Hunter Young, Ty Nevins, Madalynn Minnear

Junior Animal A-Main: Delana Hodge, Griffen Hjortsberg, Jason Agee

Light World Formula A-Main: Jenna Kleinman, Danny Sams III, Nicolas Hodgins, Joshua Kunstbeck, Dawson Fletcher.

Heavy World Formula A-Main: James Hartley

Day 2 started with misty rain. It had down poured at the race track around 6am that morning, so the New Smyrna Club started drying the track shortly after the gates opened. The day started a little later than expected, but once the track was dry the heat races began which were determined by pill draw on registration day. The weather cleared up with blue skies and temperatures in the low 80’s for most of the day. All heat races were run and the mains began. The mains were completed through Heavy Honda and with the Light GX 160 A-Main on the track the rain began to fall. The cars were brought in and covered in the work area. Track drying began again in an eager attempt to get the rest of the A-Mains in. Everyone was watching the radar on their phones, but it’s Florida and it’s unpredictable. There were cars on the track finishing up the drying when a short rain began to fall again. A break was taken in the action and the trophies from the mains completed were handed out as track drying was going on. The A-mains were completed and the 11th Annual Lil New Smyrna 500 came to a close. The Day 2 Results were:

Senior Honda B-Main: Daniel Dye, Nicolas Hodgins, Jacob Williamson, Ethan Williamson, Brendan Wilson, Braden Ray, Madalynn Minnear, Jarrett Wagman

Junior Honda B-Main: Griffen Hjortsberg, Reid Taylor, Jason Agee, Chelsea Gottschalk

Light GX 160 B-Main: Brendan Wilson, Dalton Tyrcha, Canon Cochran, Conner Dutting-Morrell, Hunter Young, Madalynn Minnear

Junior Honda A-Main: Hunter Young, Colsen Cochran, Delana Hodge, Griffen Hjortsberg, Reid Taylor, Dylan Hull, Aiden Young, Turner Wiand

Junior Novice A-Main: Taylor Watson, James Schimansky, Jack Harmon, Kasey Smith, Bristol Skinner, Landon Howard, Samantha Bart, Cameron Gross

Senior Novice A-Main: Dylan Mitchell, Mari Lutz, Savannah Bart, Garrett Seyler, Sheldon Minnear

Senior Honda A-Main: Nicolas Hodgins, Canon Cochran, Dawson Fletcher, Joshua Kunstbeck, Conner Dutting-Morrell, Daniel Dye, Jacob Williamson, Michael Gannon, Ethan Williamson, J.J. McCague, Brendan Wilson

Heavy Honda A-Main: Austin Culver, Dalton Tyrcha, Kevin Samsoe, Tylre Potter, Carden Cochran, Matt Anderson

Light GX 160 A-Main: Stetson Lail, Danny Sams III, Nicolas Hodgins, Dawson Fletcher, Canon Cochran, Brenda Wilson, Joshua Kunstbeck, Dalton Tyrcha, Conner Dutting-Morrell

Junior Animal A-Main: Jason Agee, Delana Hodge, Griffen Hjortsberg

Light World Formula A-Main: Dawson Fletcher, Nicolas Hodgins, Jenna Kleinman, Danny Sams III, Joshua Kunstbeck

Heavy World Formula A-Main: Tylre Potter, James Hartley

Overall Awards were given out from points awarded from both day 1 and day 2 main finishes. Overall awards were:

Junior Honda: Colsen Cochran, Hunter Young, Reid Taylor, Griffen Hjortsberg, Delana Hodge, Aiden Young, Dylan Hull, Jason Agee, Turner Wiand, Chelsea Gottschalk

Junior Novice: Taylor Watson, James Schimansky, Jack Harmon, Landon Howard, Kasey Smith, Samantha Bart, Bristol Skinner, Cameron Gross

Senior Novice: Dylan Mitchell, Mari Lutz, Garrett Seyler, Savannah Bart, Sheldon Minnear

Senior Honda: Nicolas Hodgins, Canon Cochran, Dawson Fletcher, Joshua Kunstbeck, Daniel Dye, Conner Dutting-Morrell, Jacob Williamson, Michael Gannon, Braden Ray, Brendan Wilson, J.J. McCague, Ethan Williamson, Madalynn Minnear, Jarrett Wagman

Heavy Honda: Austin Culver, Dalton Tyrcha, Kevin Samsoe, Carden Cochran, Matt Anderson, Tylre Potter

Light GX 160: Dawson Fletcher, Nicolas Hodgins, Danny Sams III, Stetson Lail, Canon Cochran, Joshua Kunstbeck, Conner Dutting-Morrell, Brendan Wilson, Ty Nevins, Hunter Young, Dalton Tyrcha, Madalynn Minnear

Junior Animal: Delana Hodge, Jason Agee, Griffen Hjortsberg

Light World Formula: Jenna Kleinman, Nicolas Hodgins, Dawson Fletcher, Danny Sams III, Joshua Kunstbeck

Heavy World Formula: James Hartley, Tylre Potter

Membership Renewal
Membership renewals are now due.  There are two options for you.  

Here is a link to the on-line process if you wish to try the on-line option  You will have to print the forms out and get them to Amanda with a check.

The other option is to get the forms back to Amanda Lutz that she handed out to you a couple of weeks ago.  Please return those to her with your check.  The family membership for next year is $200.00 and the alternate handler membership for next year is $100.00.  This is the cash or check discounted price.  Credit cards may be used for a slight bit more.

Board Positions


The deadline for submitting your name to be nominated for a 2014 board position is 10/11/13.  Please notify one of the current board members if you are willing to serve.

Grands Results

Here are the results of all our drivers who competed in the Grands last week;

Jarrett Wagma       1st Sr Novice A Main

Mari Lutz                 5th Sr Novice A Main

Dylan Hull                8th Jr Honda G Main

Joshua Kunstbeck   8th Lt 160 E Main

                                8th Sr Animal B Main

                                8th Sr Honda A Main

Matthew Anderson  11th Hvy Honda C Main

Joey Azzata             9th Hvy 160 C Main

                                9th Hvy World Formula C Main

                                7th B A Main

                                1st Jr Half A Main

Kevin Samsoe         10th Hvy Honda B Main

Nicolas Hodgins       6th Sr Honda A Main

                                 1st Hvy 160 A Main

Dalton Tyrcha           8th Hvy 160 D Main

Austin Culver            7th Hvy Honda A Main

Becca Samsoe        11th Jr Half A Main

Congrats to everyone!

Follow NSQMRA on Twitter


You can now follow us on Twitter.  Please log on to and search for NSQuarterMidget or click the link below.  On your smart phone, turn on the notifications and go to our profile and turn the notifications on for us and you will be sent alerts when we tweet club information.

Work Detail Schedule


The Work Detail schedule and policy has now been posted. Click Here

Year End Banquet 

We held our year end banquet and trophy presentation ceremony on January 12, 2013 at the old Daytona USA facility at the Daytona International Speedway.  Everyone who attended the event had a good time.  The surprise of the night was the special guest appearances by NASCAR drivers Mike Skinner, Matt Kenseth and Juan Pablo Montoya.  Each driver spoke to the guest about their racing experiences followed by a question and answer session.  Special thanks to Randy Dye for arranging this for the club. 

We also inducted 3 new members into the Hall of Fame.  Those drivers that were inducted were:  Brittany Frosh, Kyle Eastham and Matt Martin.

Bob Stoekel was presented with a trophy as our token of appreciation for his many years of hard work and dedication to the club.

Work Party Coming Up Soon

There will be another work party scheduled for later in the season prior to the Lil 500.